White Fusion Advantages

Why not go Elsewhere?

WHITEFUSION has a splendid spread of a huge platter of advantages when you choose to shop on our online silver market. To name a few:

  • Convenience- We are available to you round the clock and browsing in our site is simple and easy. We have several search tools by category, price, material and type.
  • Design – Great care is taken to produce the most exquisite design. Craftsmanship is impeccable and we have well trained artists, to do so.
  • Choice – WHITE FUSION throws open doors to a vast range of choices and you can select whichever piece you find best suitable to your personality and occasion. All types of silver jewellery are displayed for you to choose from. All the known brands are participating, vying for your attention, a silvermine of unique designs.
  • Quality – Our decade long experience in the field of silver jewellery stands in good stead to pass on our expertise to our clients in terms of quality which is indisputably the most authentic.Our silver jewellery stamped with 925 which indicated 92.5 % of silver which is also known as sterling silver
  • Assurance – The certification of the products give a lot of confidence to the customers who get reassured about the integrity of this site.
  • Trust- Trust is completely a non negotiable virtue. What you see is what you get when the packet is delivered to your doorstep. We are transparent about our prices and the amount of silver used in each piece. When an order is placed by a client we make sure that the article is delivered on the committed date. Tracking facility is also available to help build confidence and dependability.
  • Regularly a lot of good deals and offers are floated to make buying interesting for you. Newness of various schemes is always welcome and makes silver purchases exciting and our regular customers wait in anticipation for newer ideas.
  • Safety – Our silver jewellery is free of any harmful metals which could cause skin allergies.
  • Ethical – A minor difference in weight becomes a reality because our silver jewellery is hand crafted. Therefore we refund any extra charges and every transaction is accompanied by a receipt.
  • You get a full refund if you return an article bought from us within 3 days from the day you received your product or do an exchange. Shipping charges are also overlooked.

Wherever we save cost in the course of doing business, we pass it on to our clients, therefore, making silver very affordable to all. For eg since we are an online company we have no inventory costs and thus it is passed on to the clients.

Your Online Payments are Completely Protected

Your money transactions are absolutely secure with WHITEFUSION and the encryption technology that it uses to protect your card information is confidentially transmitted to the various banks for the processing of payment. Both your debit card and credit card information are remitted through trusted payment gateways. The confidentiality of your online transactions is of prime importance to us and we make the best use of modern technology to implement more advanced and secured methods. Shop with us with trust and confidence!

WHITEFUSION advantages are endless and the list could just go on. When just a click would do, there is no point in running from one shop to the other looking for that particular design which you specifically looking for.

Rings, earrings, bangles, pendant, necklaces, anklets and many more things in shimmering silver take your breath away! Jewellery crafted out of the best silver speaks to you in a language of its own, which YOU understand the best!

Enhance your gorgeousness with our lustrous silver! Quick, before they fly off the shelves!


Thank you WHITEFUSION for being so understanding. I gifted my wife this beautiful piece of silver jewellery on her birthday and she loved it.

- Mahesh.K Chennai